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About Myself

Let me introduce myself to those of you interested in subscribing to my service. I am a former Professional Jockey turned Professional Punter.

My riding career was prematurely cut short in 2001 during a race at Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong, where my mount was brought down by another horse causing me to suffer a career-ending and life-changing spinal cord injury.

The prognosis from the doctors was that I would never be able to move anything from my neck down. I said straight away that I would prove them wrong.

As a jockey I was dedicated and driven to succeed and have applied these same principles to everything that I have done since.

After two years of hard work and rehabilitation, I proved the original prognosis wrong and reached my personal goal of being able to "walk" again on a treadmill.

The only plus side of not being a jockey anymore was being able to legally have a bet. The bookies or the "enemy" as I now call them have slowly but surely, one by one, put a stop to all that on all of their betting sites for one reason:


And they don't like people like me, winners.

You may ask why now, why not start a tipping service years ago?

The truth is I simply didn't want to. I was still a jockey in my head and to be honest, I still am. I was approached by many people at that time about using my name as a front for a website but that's just not me. If I was going to do it then it was going to have to be me giving my honest opinion.

In 2009, when the time was right for me, I chose to become a jockey's agent, looking after top Jockey's Darryll Holland, Jamie Spencer, Ted Durcan, et al. This is when I really honed my skill as a professional punter as I watched every race replay(and still do) in an effort to find the best mounts for my jockeys.

I have decided to start this service now mainly because I can't get a bet on with the bookies anymore. I want to pass on my knowledge and expertise to you my subscribers so we can continue to give the bookies a bashing. I have the time to completely dedicate myself to this service unlike some other TV pundit tipsters and will endeavor to give you my honest opinions.

My gift is simple, it's race reading. I see every race through the eyes of a jockey, which means I know when horses have or haven't been given the chance to do their best. By this, I don't mean the jockey hasn't done his or her best, but it's all about where the horse is positioned in a race relative to the pace, the ground, and other factors. This applies to both flat and jump racing.

It may sound complex but it's the art of race reading and I truly believe I am as good as there is at this.


Many other Tipsters will say that they get their information from so-called "moles" inside certain stables but I don't listen to anyone's "tips" anymore. If I did I would have been skint a long time ago.

When I lived in Newmarket, the headquarters of British Horse Racing, I would get told of multiple different horses from different stables for the same race.

The simple truth is only one horse can win a race and I believe that in Handicap races especially, every horse is fit and well enough to do their best.

My success in gambling is all down to my hard work and hours spent studying replays. My strategy is to wait until everything is in a horse's favour before having or recommending a bet. I tend to have most of my bets in the better class races, whether it be flat or jumps, as I have found that horses with limited ability are less consistent than better ones.


There may be odd days when the racing is very poor when there will simply not be selections to be had. I believe that patience is key and won't recommend a selection for the sake of it.

My Race Record

Champion Apprentice Jockey 1992 with 56 winners.

Over 500 winners worldwide including over 30 group/grade races and 27 winners for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II between 1991-2001.

Major race wins:

Royal Hunt Cup 1992

William Hill Cambridgeshire 1993

Sandown Mile 1994

Grand Criterion de Maison Laffite 1994

Northumberland Plate 1995

Nell Gwyn Stakes 1996

Grosser Preis Von Deutsçhland 1996

Diomed Stakes 1996

Swiss Derby 1996

Ulster Harp Derby 1997

Italian Derby 1997

Van Geest Criterion Stakes 1998

Hong Kong Derby 1999

Irish St Leger 2000

My Major Wins

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