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How It Works

  • Selections are sent to our subscribers via our Telegram daily group posts and also by email if required.

  • When signing up you will be asked to provide your mobile phone number and your email address. Your phone number will be added to our Telegram group for our daily information posts and your email used for the same purpose if requested.

  • The Telegram app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store depending on your device. Please sign up to Telegram using the same number you have given me. 

  • There may be odd days when the racing is very poor when there will simply not be selections to be had. I believe that patience is key and won't recommend a selection for the sake of it.

  • All selections are advised on a points basis. From a minimum bet of half a point to a maximum bet of 3 points. I personally bet £100 a point but a point can be anything from £10 to £20 etc, the value of a point is up to each subscriber.

  • I will only ever advise single-win or each-way bets. Multiples are a bookies benefit fund.

  • I have always advised people who gamble only to bet what you can afford but I'm sure you will be taking money off the enemy rather than vice versa.

Best of luck, David.

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